The Jintronix technology to prevent functional decline in pre-frail /frail seniors consulting Emergency Departments

Principal Investigator: Marcel Émond, MD, MSc, Centre de Recherche du CHU de Québec- Université Laval

Co-Investigator: Sirois, MJ

Local research coordinator: Nadine Allain-Boulé

Granting agency: Canadian Frailty Network – TVN (Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network)

As there are no Emergency Department management guidelines for community-living pre-frail or frail injured seniors, their mobility & functional status do deteriorate within 6 months after being discharged back hom from the ED. This is unfortunate because evidence on the effectiveness of low costs mobility community-based and technological interventions that can prevent frailty and functional limitation, is available.


In that context, screening and identification of seniors at risk is crucial in EDs in order for effective interventions to be implemented. The main objective of the study is to implement frailty-based tools in the EDs to screen seniors at risk of post-injury functional decline and to link them, at the time of consultation, to post-ED community-based mobility retraining interventions or to newly designed home-based rehabilitation technology. The feasibility and effectiveness of this screening-intervention process will be assessed in two Quebec EDs.