objectifs de Cetie anglais


The Canadian Emergency and Trauma Research Initiative in elders (CETIe) began its work in 2009. Our research program aims to contribute to the development and application of clinical, epidemiological care of the elderly in emergency services.

From 2009 to 2016, with the continued support of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Quebec Network for Aging Research and the Center of Excellence on Aging in Quebec City, CETIe has deployed a dynamic network of multi-disciplinary emergency-geriatric medicine scientists in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. In each of the participating emergencies , our clinical research leaders have implemented and consolidated a first multidisciplinary research program on the management and functional development of the elderly clientele who have been the victim of minor injuries and traumas. Two large cohorts totaling more than 3300 seniors were followed, thus leading to the identification of predicting factors associated with the functional losses of the injured elders. Our team develop tools for screening and intervention.

Since 2013 , many other senior-related projects were added with the participation of the Québec Health Research Foundation, the Canadian Frailty Network, the CIHR and the Laval University Chair of Research on Aging, the Institut québécois de Première ligne. The projects include the detection of delirium and its functional consequences in elderly patients in the emergency department, the prevention of post-traumatic functional decline, the pain management of elderly victims of hip fracture, and assessment of dedicated-care to seniors with serious injuries.